For more than 30 years, MariElders has been here to help older adults...Wouldn't you like to be a part of insuring that this help continues by participating in our Planned Giving Program? 


Gifts to MariElders...

     You've worked hard for your assets and planning for their distribution whether during your lifetime or in your estate plans is often a difficult task.The important work of MariElders serving our community can be enhanced through your generosity. Please consider one of the various vehicles available to achieve the best stewardship of your resources and the most effective way of supporting MariElders:


A Planned Gift...

     Can often have favorable tax benefits; especially when capital gains are a concern. You many want to honor or memorialize a loved one through a planned gift. Your wishes regarding recognition will be honored.


Gift by Bequest...

     The simplest planned gift is a bequest by which cash, stock or another valuable asset is left to MariElders through your will. You can also will life insurance or all or part of your IRA to the MariElders and reduce the tax burden of your estate. When writing your will, ask your attorney to include specific language, such as:

"I give, devise or bequeath to MARIELDERS, INC., 6923 Madisonville Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45227, for general purposes $(sum of money), % (percentage of my estate), (a named property), or all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, whether real or personal."

Other Planned Gifts...

     Some forms of planned gifts can provide income for life to you and/or other individual. These include gift annuities and trusts. Other types of planned gifts also allow you to keep your assets, such as the lead trust and the retained life agreement.

Plan before you make your will and/or other estate and financial plans:

          +List the people and the organizations you want to include---family, friends, your Church, MariElders, etc.

          +List the property you wish to distribute-real estate, securities, life insurance, retirement plans and personal possessions.

          +Consider ways to match the people and organizations with the property. 

          +Contact your attorney and take the necessary steps to insure that it will happen as you wish.