The Mindful Movement

Meditation to Calm an Overactive Mind/Reduce Anxiety and Worry


     The idea of being in the present moment is a powerful one when it comes to anxiety, depression and calming an overactive mind.  Depression can arise when thinking about and living in the past.  Anxiety can show up when thinking about and living in the future.  Whether your thoughts are in the past or the future, an overthinking mind can bring turmoil to your world and experience. Today, release these feelings, calm the overactive mind and experience peace in this present moment.  This mindfulness meditation can be used to focus on the present moment and let go of worries about the past and anxieties about the future.  For a powerful experience to help calm the overactive, overthinking mind, this meditation can be paired with this sleep practice to help you calm your mind before bed: 

The Mat Project

Full Length Gentle Yoga Class for Beginners and Seniors Vol. 2


The Mat Project's full length gentle yoga series with Shelley Nicole. Perfect for beginners, seniors or just those of you coming back to Yoga or looking for a gentle practice. This video requires a mat.


Kristin Dietsche 

MME Tai Chi  Instructor 

Tai Chi Flow, Tai Chi Flow+ and Tai Chi for Rehab Zoom classes

Email for Zoom links

Mondays 11:00 AM -
Tai Chi Flow: Slow & relaxing, sit or stand, new beginners welcome!


Tuesdays 3:00 PM -

Tai Chi Flow Plus

The plus means more mental challenge and more movements for standers. New beginners welcome!


Wednesdays 1:30 PM -
Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

This is a continuing sequence.


Thursdays 11:00 AM -

Tai Chi Flow

Stress free, nothing to memorize, sit or stand, new beginners welcome!


Fridays 10 AM -
Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

This is a continuing sequence.


Saturdays 10:00 AM -
Tai Chi Flow Plus

Nothing to memorize, new beginners are always welcome.

A little more mental challenge and more opportunities for taking tai chi steps.

Yoga for Seniors

Chair Stretches for Pain Relief, Relaxation, Joint Health, Flexibility, Stress


     This gentle class is perfect for all ages, all levels to nourish the spine & reduce back pain.

Bob and Brad

Balance Exercises for Seniors-Beginner to Advanced &


     Brad"Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck (Bob and Brad) present balance exercises for seniors. They start with beginner exercises and progress to more advanced exercises. 

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